• Tell your brand's story through images

  • Tell your brand's story through images

The story of Ni Clé D'or

Love is the key to the heart, and the reason for our life long friendship. Clé D’Or, in French, stands for golden key and symbolizes the friendship we have nurtured for over ten years. Ni Clé D’Or represents the power of creativity and hard work. Being two young girls growing up in a big city has inspired a perseverance toward a successful future. From a young age we developed a passion for jewelry and admired that a delicate piece of precious metal could possess a strong sentimental value. We aim to inspire other young adults to pursue their dreams and use everyday to take a step closer to fulfilling these aspirations. When you wear Ni Clé D’Or jewelry we want you to feel confident, empowered and strength as you conquer your day. 

Xoxo, Nicolette & Nicolette

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