Ni Cle D'Or specializes in offering high quality fine jewelry including 14K gold pieces as well as 925 Sterling silver.

What is the difference between 14k gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Surprisingly, the understanding between the difference of 14K gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry is commonly misunderstood! 

Sterling Silver is known as 925 silver which refers to the fact that sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloys which consist of copper. Copper does tend to cause tarnishing when undergoing certain products or chemicals, where in this case it is recommended to provide care once in a while towards sterling silver pieces. Sterling Silver is a great option if you are looking for a more affordable alternative to white gold. However, if you desire to treat yourself with longer lasting valuable pieces we recommend shopping our 14k gold fine jewelry that will last through conditions and chemicals.


Do I need to take care of my jewelry?

Jewelry can last forever, that's why its important to maintain and care for your pieces. Jewelry involves many different materials and detailing that may require a certain type of care toward the product. Ni Cle D'Or offers fine jewelry 14k gold and sterling silver, which each pertain to a specific maintenance in sustaining the jewelry long term. Therefore, short term it is not required to clean or care for your pieces due to the fact that these materials do not rust, although long term we suggest cleaning after every use and having your jewelry professionally cleaned every six-months. We also recommend, once in a while, taking off the jewelry you wear everyday for example an engagement ring and buff it with a dry cotton cloth to remove moisture.

What is suggested for the caring of my 14k gold pieces?

As for 14K gold pieces if you wish to sustain the condition of your pieces, it is best to clean them about once a month. We recommend taking a mild detergent or lukewarm water or a nonabrasive jewelry cleaner and using your fingers or a soft cloth. Rinse the jewelry in warm water, let it dry completely and buff with a soft, dry, and lint free cloth. Another way to take care of your jewelry is regular polishing. It can remove small scratches, smudges, and more. As for more longterm care we recommend taking your jewelry to be professionally cleaned, polished, and have a thorough inspection to check for any scratches or areas that may be desired to polish.


What is suggested for the caring of my Sterling Silver pieces?/ Will my sterling silver pieces tarnish?

Sterling Silver isn’t made up of 100% pure silver. It is 92.5 silver and 7.5% alloys.

Sterling Silver can tarnish faster in areas with high humidity and air pollution or can occur when the jewelry is exposed to lotions, sunscreen, perfume, hairspray and many other chemicals. We suggest removing pieces when you will be coming in contact with any chemicals.

How can I prevent tarnishing for my Sterling Silver pieces:

-Remove pieces when coming in contact with any chemicals.

-Remove pieces when working out, showering, washing your hands, or swimming in pools & oceans.

-Keep pieces away from lotions, sunscreen, perfume, hairspray, hand sanitizer, etc.



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